Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our San Antonio Vacation

This year for vacation we decided to so to San Antonio because, Bryant only has 2 more years with us until he goes on his mission. So the first day we left and got in around dinner time so we ate at the hotel then went to the HARD ROCK CAFE for dessert and t-shirts :)! On the second day we went to Sea World and saw the beluga wales and dolphin show that was super fun! Zachary, my Dad and I went to go ride the Steel Eel that was mine and Zack's very first roller coaster! We got two day passes so we went the third day to and saw the Shamu show! We sat five seats up from the very bottom and we didn't get one drop of water on us but the people that were right in front of us got soaked :( I didn't think that was very cool haha ;). On the 4th day we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum there we saw a 3 eyed turtle, a Eiffel tower made only out of tooth picks, a snake skin with tattoos of ladies on them, potato chips that have paintings on them and the worlds biggest tier (All of the things I'm naming there is a picture of all of them somewhere.) and the car that I think Kennedy was assassinated in. then after that we went to the wax museum I put pictures up of Cinderella, Lincoln, Spock (I think), Walt Disney with the 7 Dwarfs , and Merry Poppins. we then went to the Alamo went inside looked around then went home.

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